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Okay's Famous Films (Ünlü Filmleri): Zapata, Olgun Ve Dolgun, Tepedeki Ev

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Arzu Okay
Okay became a successful
Arzu Okay (still looking good) at 54 -- being interviewed in 2008.
business-woman after her
Turkish movie career ended.

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Arzu Okay Filmleri
Arzu Okay Movies/Films
Okay began a promising film career in
conventional Turkish movies like these...

written and directed by
Melih Gülgen in 1971.
A conventional Turkish movie starring
Cihangir Gaffari and Arzu Okay
as Turkish 'spaghetti westerners',
set in 'Mexico' -- involving
highwaymen Jak and Alvarez...
and the Mexican bandit-hero Zapata.
Movie Poster from 1971 for 
'Zapata' directed by Melih Gülgen -- starring Arzu Okay, Cihangir Gaffari, Hayati Hamzaoğlu, and Behçet Nacar.
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But she gained everlasting fame in
erotic Turkish movies like these...

Olgun Ve Dolgun
(Ripe And Plump)
starring Arzu Okay and Tamer Yiğit,
directed by Remzi Jöntürk.
This Turkish movie poster is undoubtedly
for a knockoff version of the original
Tepedeki Ev movie
(the only Okay/Yiğit film on record),
in which Arzu Okay's red headband
and the fishnet (in her right hand, here)
are the giveaways.

Arzu Okay Turkish Movie Poster 'Olgun Ve Dolgun' (Ripe and Plump) directed by Remzi Jöntürk -- a knockoff Turkish film of 'Tepedeki Ev'.

Tepedeki Ev
(The House On The Hill)
directed by
Remzi Jöntürk in 1976.
An 'erotik' Turkish drama film
starring Tamer Yiğit and Arzu Okay
which has been called Okay's most
'revealing performance ever'.

Turkish Movie Poster from
1976 for 'Tepedeki Ev' (The House On The Hill) directed by Remzi Jöntürk -- starring Arzu Okay in a heated performance with Tamer Yiğit, in the only erotik film they made together.

Arzu Okay is
laid back for Tamer Yiğit
in Tepedeki Ev
(The House On The Hill)
directed by
Remzi Jöntürk in 1976.

Movie scene from 'Tepedeki Ev' (House on the Hill) -- Arzu Okay lays back for Tamer Yiğit.
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İngilizce Bilenler İçin Arzu Okay - Arzu Okay for English-Speakers
Okay's Turkish Movies/Films

History of Conventional and
Erotik Turkish Cinema
Arzu Okay Life-Story

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Turkish Movie Poster Curiosity
Arzu Okay, Ahmet Mekin,
and Muhterem Nur never appeared together
in an erotik film entitled 'Ay Bu Gece Doğacak'.
Only one Turkish film by that name even exists --
and it was made in 1971, during
the conventional Turkish movie-making era.
It was directed by Savaş Eşici and starred Fikret Hakan,
Melek Görgün, Erden Güvenç and Ceyda Karahan.
So what's the origin of this seksi poster?

Arzu Okay acted with Yılmaz Köksal in 'Silahını Çek' (Draw Your Gun).
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Arzu Okay Erotik Türk Filmleri
'Erotik' Movies History --
The Players: Arzu Okay

Arzu Okay, in her own words...

In Part Three, we opined about Arzu Okay's sky-rocket-like transition from conventional movie stardom (1970-1973) to erotik film stardom (thereafter) -- which made her a Turkish film legend...

But what does Arzu Okay have to say on the subject?

Quite a lot actually... in very open and frank interviews she granted to Pazar Men's Magazine, Radikal Newspaper, and Milliyet Newspaper -- in 1976, 1999, and 2008 respectively.

Shall we 'listen in' to what Okay had to say -- in a few of her most revealing conversations? Hmmm...?

From the Arzu Okay interview, Pazar Erkek Dergisi (1976)

"Some people claim I'm responsible for wrecking the rules of (Turkish) morality -- because of the 'erotik' movies I've made. I flatly reject that idea. Two or three years ago I was appearing in 'innocent girl' Turkish movie roles. Now the public's taste has changed and I'm making erotic movies. I'm an actress -- and tomorrow I may return to köylü kızı film roles. It's an issue of supply and demand. I provide what the public desires -- and I don't believe anyone is harmed by it. We are a society that is sadly lacking in sexual education. We've been kept in the dark for too long. In short, I'm an actress and a sex educator -- with no regrets."

From the Arzu Okay interview, Milliyet Gazetesi (1999)

Arzu Okay
in her 'salad days'
with a friend...

Arzu Okay and Mine Mutlu provide the steam in Oksal Pekmezoğlu's 1974 'erotik' comedy 'Olmaz Böyle Şey'
"I really loved making movies... but in 1977, producers began asking me to appear in more explicit films -- and I started to feel uncomfortable and exploited. In fact, I felt like I was wounding something I loved a lot (the Turkish cinema) and that it was wounding me. I hit a wall. Do you remember the film Atları Da Vururlar (They Shoot Horses, Don't They - 1969) with Jane Fonda and Michael Sarrazin? In that film, Fonda begs Sarrazin to put her out of her psychological misery with a bullet to the head...and he obliges her. When I no longer had the strength to absorb further wounds from the cinema, I fired such a bullet -- and I left film-making behind."

Arzu Okay's
musical backup troupe
Beyaz Kelebekler

Arzu Okay and Mine Mutlu provide the steam in Oksal Pekmezoğlu's 1974 'erotik' comedy 'Olmaz Böyle Şey'
Arzu Okay tried a music career briefly, but it didn't work out -- even with the help of İbrahim Tatlıses and the Beyaz Kelebekler backing-her-up.

"After I left the Turkish movie business I tried to make it as concert singer on tour. On my final tour, I teamed up with İbahim Tatlıses and Beyaz Kelebekler. It started out well enough, but after 10 days my nerves were so shot that I didn't know which way was up. You'll remember that anarchists were wreaking havoc in Turkey in the late 1970s. Bombs were going off everywhere...It was a real mess. One night at a concert in Ceyhan (Adana Turkish food province), I started out to sing the 6 songs I'd memorized for my performance. During my second song I suddenly lost my concentration, and I began to sing a song I'd never sung before. My accompanists tried to get me back on track, but it was a lost cause. Finally, I laid the microphone down on the stage and retired to my dressing room. I left the tour flat, that night -- after apologizing to the other performers..."

But she picked herself back up after that musical flub and, in a major reversal of occupations, she began working again... as an anutçu in the Kapalıçarşı (Covered Bazaar) in Istanbul -- guiding tourists (for shop-owner commissions) selling leather goods. Incredibly, that led to...

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